• Treatments

      • Limb joint mobilization
      • Hydrotherapy
      • Orthotic devices and mobility aids
      • Massage
      • Therapeutic ultrasound
      • Electrotherapy and muscle stimulation
      • Geriatric workshops
        – advice: how to care for the elderly pet
      • Therapeutic exercises
      • Thermotherapy (hot and cold)
      • Rehabilitation (including neurological rehabilitation)
      • Weight loss programmes and advice
      • Free weight checks
      • Arthritis workshops
        – “How to care for your arthritic pet”
  • About us

    Lauren qualified as a veterinary nurse from Onderstepoort veterinary college. After qualifying she worked as an animal nurse in the Kwazulu Natal area …

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Did you know?

Animal physical rehabilitation is a specialized field and specific prior qualifications are needed before you can study to be an animal physical rehabilitation practitioner.

  • Featured Article:

    What is osteoarthritis? Arthritis is a general term for inflammation of a joint, whereas osteoarthritis is the slow degredation of joints involving the cartilage, as well as the bone that lies under the cartilage, known as the sub-chondral bone. When the cartilage starts to wear away, there is less protection for the bone and bone…

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  • Featured Article:
    The Fat Truth Surrounding Obesity

    “Obesity is a nutritional disease and is defined by an excess of body fat.” If obesity is defined as a disease then surely it should be treated as any other disease would? If your pet struggles to get up and does not have arthritis, gets out of breath easily at only a walk, is reluctant…

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